Exploit-ID Is Not Defaced

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Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb dan Selamat Sore Para Blogger - Setelah Post "Demo BBM Makin Memanas" dan "Download Opera Mini 7 Untuk Android". Sore ini saya akan Share Informasi yaitu Exploit-ID Is Not Defaced. Langsung saja Mari Kita Simak.

Exploit-ID Is Not DefacedLast night , I see exploit-id.com ( My official team website) the index has been change, And then in facebook, I found someone who claim have been defaced exploit-id, he is submit a mirror to zone-h , http://www.zone-h.com/mirror/id/15969231 , I check the IP address of the mirror is different with the real IP address of Exploit-ID , << this is IP address from the mirror, and the real IP address of exploit-id is . I check the website from ssh and cpanel, there is nothing file is missing, index.php and the others components of website is consist here. 

So I know this is just DNS poisoning on our registrar, We using resellercamp , the first registrar in Indonesia, So , who is the real lamer? , please if you want to owned exploit-id , hacking the website , drop the database, and rm -rf all the files, and I will said that is real deface, You said last night is defaced? for me , that isn’t defaced, LOL , c’mon be a man , got root got the real defaced , defaced my web too if you can , fvcking lamer !!
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deby putra bahrodin mengatakan...

wahh... anak buahnya exploid ya mas...

Rama Arif Maulana mengatakan...

@deby putra bahrodin haha mungkin xixix :D

d3t3ct1v3c0d3n3t mengatakan...

wahh ini berita kan udah lama banget kak

sampe udah up lagi exploit id nya
tapi nice share kak

Rama Arif Maulana mengatakan...

@d3t3ct1v3c0d3n3t haha bener sekali sob :D

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